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Timber Harvesting and Marketing

We offer the following services which ensure the smooth running of all your harvesting and marketing requirements.

Site Planning,
Risk Assessments,
Timber Haulage,
FSC chain of custody accreditation,
Felling licence application,
Grant Scheme advice,
Full compliance with HSE regulations,
Marking and measuring for thinning or Clear fells

We are able to select from our wide range of approved contractors the specialist skills needed to ensure your woodland receives a professional service which maximises value whilst at the same time taking account of all environmental sensitivities.

This gives us the flexibility to respond to the varying requirements of growers from harvesting woodlands on environmentally sensitive sites to small scale estate thinnings to large clear fells requiring fully mechanised harvesting techniques.

Our cable crane systems enable us to harvest timber out of inaccessible or environmentally sensitive sites and can operate up to 500 metres away from the unit.They have been used successfully for the removal of non-native species for peat bog restoration work as well as operating in sensitive water catchment areas where more conventional harvesting techniques would have resulted in unacceptable ground damage.

The experience found in our diverse range of contractors allows us to select the most appropriate and efficient techniques best suited to balance your requirements and at the same time to maximise returns, ensuing that you receive a one to one service and your woodlands continue to grow and improve.

Our commitment to the sustainable management of Britain’s forests has led us to achieving full FSC chain of custody accreditation which indicates that the timber has come from well managed forests which have been independently inspected and evaluated according to strict environmental, social and economic principles and criteria as agreed by the Forest Stewardship Council®. This enables Sheffield and Company to carry the FSC logo on timber produced from all FSC approved sources.

50 years of trading has helped Sheffield and Company develop strong relationships with markets all over the UK this gives us the expertise of being able to place your timber in the right market to maximise your returns and because we are totally independent we can guarantee the grower the full benefit of open market competition.

Our ability to respond to market demands is strengthened by our own in house timber wagons which gives the grower the assurance that their timber can supply spot markets with a minimum of delay, which helps to increase the value of your investment.

Products we supply:
Saw logs,
Pallet bats,
Fencing posts,
Specialist timbers

Our customers will convert your timber into anything from new kitchen units to boat hulls; our experience in placing your timber into the most appropriate market assures you that the best price is obtained.

Fencing, planting and landscaping

Our fencing, planting and landscaping division carry out contracts all over the north of England and southern Scotland, whether it’s a garden fence, high security fencing, landscaping or tree planting (either commercial or domestic) then our experienced consultants will be able to advise you on the best option available.

Our clients include local authorities, schools and civil engineers many of whom are members of the M.C.G. (Major Contractors Group) as well as private individuals.

Our fencing department covers a wide range of fencing types including timber fences (post and rail, panel), metal security fencing and all types of stock and deer fencing, as well as domestic garden fencing and post and rail.

Examples of security fencing include:

Palisade fencing with Paladin gates

Palisade Fencing

Post and Rail

Bow top fence - made to measure.

Our landscaping services complete the package by ensuring we are able to cover all aspects of work from initial site clearance through to final landscaping on completion including grass seeding, turfing, shrub and tree planting.

Whether you require a security fence around a large industrial compound or simply need a new garden fence we have the expertise to meet your requirements

Our tree planting services cover both forestry and domestic situations, large or small scale. We can provide and plant bare root, cell grown or container grown trees as well as all types of tubes and tree protectors. We also provide an aftercare service including beating up, spraying/ weed control, strimming, brashing and clearing work, which ensures your woodland benefits from a professional service from planting through to establishment.

We are able to provide the full package from tree felling through to re-planting and future management.

Quotations are free and there is no obligation so contact us today, all our details are on the contact page.