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Founded in 1947, Sheffield and Company are a private Company specializing in Forestry, Timber harvesting, Timber Haulage, Fencing and Landscaping.

Based just outside Gretna, we are ideally located to serve our wide range of customers from Lancashire to the Scottish Borders and also into Northumberland. Although not exclusive to these areas this is the core of our operations.

Our forestry team can draw on over 50 years experience in ensuring your timber operations provide you with the best returns available.
Our independent status means we are not linked to specific markets. This brings the benefit of open market competition to the grower.

Whether you have one acre of woodland or own a major forest estate, Sheffield and Company are able to offer you a personal service that ensures your woodlands benefit from a professional approach that maximises returns to the grower.

By running our own timber wagons, we can respond to market requirements at short -notice, which in turn means that the grower can benefit from specialist orders and spot marketing.
We also undertake contract haulage work to ensure greater flexibility and to maximise vehicle efficiency.

We have a wealth of experience in all types of fencing and landscape contracts from agricultural to specialist security and electric fencing.

Recent contracts have included heavy duty, electrically operated security gates and fencing at major industrials sites to garden fencing around new urban developments.

Our fencing and landscape team can provide advice on current grant availability and will plan and manage the replanting works in accordance with the growers objectives to ensure a full service is given from harvesting to re-establishment.

To compliment our fencing operation we also offer a landscaping service, which allows us to provide a full package to our clients. This can help ease the logistics of site management.